Neutral Zone Principles
A Foundation based on 9 Human Needs
Intelligence Initiatives within our organization have designed a neutral infrastructure around the nine basic human needs. A strategy that enables community members to take responsibility for seeing that their own basic needs met.
The nine basic human needs our project focuses on are as follows:
History clearly demonstrates that when people do not get their needs met, they can become agitated, belligerent, or driven to use the negative aspects of human instincts to meet their needs. This basic truth is at the core of the majority of problems and deprivations we face today.
We believe “If prevention is better than care” let us provide the way for our community members to get what they need. Each individual has three primary needs, meaning three needs are more important than the six other needs disclosed through intelligence which we have to a lesser degree. Our project enhances entire communities and therefore has to address all nine basic needs equally.
These needs are addressed through the Neutral Zone’s Infrastructure.
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