What is Neutral Zone?

Neutral Zone is a ready to plug in system with virtual and real city infrastructure that will provide a global uniform platform for people to create prospering communities where economy and society can thrive.

A central funding body comprising of different sections will fund different programs for development. These funds will be collected by the revenue generated out of the trade happening in the Neutral Zone

A central governing body will supervise uniform development and operations of all Neutral Zones. A central Merger city will be the hub of Neutral zone through which all local Neutral Zones will be connected which are called synergy cities.

 Why is it needed?

Today the world is facing tremendous challenge on economic and social front. There is great disparity and chaos on the global scale that requires a global solution. The world now needs a new order that can be established uniformly without disturbing any local infrastructure. Neutral Zone is that solution, it is a well developed system that can be set up in any location in the world and it provides every local community with all basic requirements to develop into a thriving society.

It has platform for infrastructure, local and global trade, education, sustenance and development of individual and the society through different programs.

People will experience a new world where human values will be nurtured. The Neutral Zone will have peace, prosperity, opportunities and unity among all communities across the world. People will experience a new society where they can thrive without any barriers.

 What is Neutral Zone structure?

Neutral Zone structure consists of a virtual and real central hub known as Merger City. Connected to Merger City is the network of 300 Synergy cities spread across 50 countries worldwide. The governing body looks after operations of the entire network of Neutral Zone and the funding body provides monetary support for various programs.

There are 9 VTNs (Value Trust Networks) which are real and virtual channels (Portals / Programs / Global Trade Corridors) through which trade and business activities and knowledge sharing takes place. These VTNs are connected and form a City Value Trust Network which then connects to the Synergy City and finally to the Merger City Hub. With 300 synergy cities we have 2700 VTNs in the entire Neutral Zone Network through which global trade can happen.

 How is it set up?

Every Neutral Zone is a Mega project which will cost 50 billion dollars to develop. Global FranTech Group will initiate the project in alliance with the local government. International associate companies will provide support and services for development. The Local government can actively participate in the project by aligning its various departments with the Neutral Zone Project. The result of this alliance will be that the local government will get a world class global support platform to enhance the economy of the state and empower people to create a thriving society. Thus in true sense Neutral Zone is a partner for every local government in its development efforts.

 How is it operated?

Neutral Zone is not just a plan it is a program ready to be implemented. The blue print for each action is ready and pilot projects are coming up at various locations in United States for restoring American Economy and empowering the local communities that have suffered losses.

Neutral Zone is not an abstractly developing city. Every city will follow the same blue print and development will happened in a predefined manner. A full fledge infrastructure of an entire city will be developed along with virtual networks and business activities will take place. While people will participate by creating the local community Merger City Hub will look after the operations and administration of the city. The local laws and government regulations will be followed and there will be a new city fully working.

 How is it sustained and developed?

A Neutral Zone is not a static entity it can expand and develop to cover bigger communities. Such a mega infrastructure needs sustenance. Neutral Zone will be sustained out of the huge revenue generated on its trade platforms. This revenue will be utilized for further development and on going operations. Neutral Zone is a self sufficient system which can survive the test of time and turn the disconnected world into a united human community.

 How can a government align with the project?

Any local government that wants the state to develop faster and in the right manner can plug on to the Neutral Zone Project. The alliance begins with a Letter of Intent from the Government and a roll out plan is prepared for initiating the project. Neutral Zone’s mission is to bring the world together and every local government has a great role to play. With right degree of support from the government a Neutral Zone Project can change the lives of millions of people in every state. Neutral Zone needs people of the world to align and contribute at every level and leaders are the role models of the society. Visionary leaders can actively involve themselves with our development projects and bring revolutionary transformation of the state. At Neutral Zone we say ‘All are Welcome’

 Is there any threat for the people and government?

Neutral Zone has the attributes that are the need of the current times. It is non biased, free of political aspects, has universal appeal, is technology driven, environment sensitive, nurtures human values and has a vision to restore world harmony and pave a way for sustained prosperity for which people of all nations will be working together in unity. No Local or National government or local community is ever threatened by a sincere development program and Neutral Zone is just that. It is an effort towards creating a better future for entire humanity. The time has come when all nations and its people should realize that we can only survive and thrive in unity. Neutral Zone respects all nations, their cultures and understands their needs and it gives a non biased uniform platform for every nation to develop to its full potential without losing its unique identity. Neutral Zone is meant to bring the world together in all its different hues like a rainbow that ushers joy and harmony

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