FranTech Services
"FranTech, Your International Marketing and Business Development Partner"
We offer comprehensive Business Development and Marketing Services to assist Governments, their designated Government Agencies, U.S. and Multi-National Companies and Investors that are seeking to benefit from Accelerated Business Development in today's Global Economy.
We give our clients Prime Position within the flow of Trade, the Development of Pre-Emptive and World-Class Technologies, Venture Capital and Investment. FranTech develops new and exciting Aggregate and Turnkey Offerings optimizing the opportunities available in Research and Development, Licensing, Technology Transfer, Production, Distribution, and Marketing in the U.S. and the Global Marketplace
  • Technology Research, Development, and Implementation
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • International Trade Policies and Law
  • Investment Banking
FranTech specializes in the Re-engineering and Optimization of Business Models and the subsequent development of Franchise or Licensing Offerings to the Global Marketplace.
"The FRANTECH Strategic Alliances, Business and Technology Development Partners, with their Combined Offerings & Solutions constitute a FranTech e-Government & e-Business Infrastructure “Franchise” Offering with a Visionary Scope and Scalability Second to None in the Global Marketplace."
FranTech Services Verticals:
  • Consultation & Advisory
  • 3 Step Technology Development
  • 3 Step International Business Development
  • Funding & Investment
  • E-Govt. & E- Infrastructure Development
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