FranTech Abu Dhabi Carbon-neutral zone solutions offers unprecedented scale, improved e-Government economics and simplified infrastructure operations

"Global FranTech is pleased to add FrranTech Abu Dhabi to our worldwide network for Government infrastructure portfolio new "-Sovereign Government Neutral Zones Program and Public Sector Renewable Energy Benefit Solutions under e-Government.

Our new UAE franchised relationship will allow us to offer next generation internet online renewable energy network solutions throughout the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, China, Indonesia, India, Caribbean and Latin America," said Phil Nadeau, CEO of Global FranTech Franchise Network Infrastructure for FranTech Universal."Our FranTech Abu Dhabi partnership will enhance both companies` positions within these world markets."

"We are delighted to be working with Global FranTech." said Yasser A.A.Qandeel, FranTech Abu Dhabi, Ltd., President. "This will allow FranTech Abu Dhabi Technology Transfer Services to expand its market presence into this exciting UAE growth region."

About FranTech Abu Dhabi

Commencing operations in 2009, FranTech Abu Dhabi Technology Licensing Services solidifies a commitment to serve UAE multicultural businesses, institutions and professionals.

Who is FranTech Abu Dhabi Service's primary target market?

Any business, organization, institution or new technology production resource that is owned or operated by, employs, serves, and / or partners with culturally different minority groups that are traditionally under served by the building of new cities and creating jobs for the economy in any industry.

Market segments range from small and medium to large commercial accounts. They can include commercial enterprises, renewable energy technologies, banking and financial institutions, professional organizations, associations, social program constituencies, nonprofit organizations,NGO's and public sector business groups, just to name a few.

FranTech Abu Dhabi Technology Services commits to providing its clients with unparalleled service, integrity and professionalism. We are an global technology resource that offers top quality renewable energy products and services in the most cost-effective manner possible to produce renewable energy carbon free neutral cities worldwide.

We are dedicated to offering these World Solar and Wind products and financial services on a timely basis and to consistently deliver this high level of service.

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FranTech Asia is Proud to Announce its Partnership in FranTech Abu Dhabi allowing for the Opening of our United Arab Emirates Offices and intended Solar Manufacturing Plant to be Built.

A New World... With New Needs


We enable FranTech projects that address immediate and critical needs for Economic Development, Sustainable Energy, and the Improvement and Protection of the Human and Natural Environment in 220 countries.

As FranTech Technology emerges from the worldwide push for renewable energy sources with FranTech Asia, FranTech has stayed ahead of the game in 220 countries. Offering new Technology Solutions, Licensing, Financing, Design, Integration, Manufacturing, Engineering and more, FranTech is your partner in today's environment in 220 countries.


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