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Neutral Zone Anatomy
The Neutral Zone’s anatomy is comprised of SOCIAL, PHYSICAL and VIRTUAL NETWORKS that seamlessly integrate into one 50-country, 300 region infrastructure network.
An infrastructure network is comprised of a:
  • Distributed Value Trust Network Infrastructure
  • Decentralized Synergy City Infrastructure Network
  • Centralized Merger City Infrastructure Network
The anatomy of the Neutral Zone is best understood when examined from its connections in homes, companies and organizations. These connections form a new breed of community membership.
A community member of the Neutral Zone is fully aware and ready to act (and react) to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in their own community (as well as in other communities worldwide). This level of awareness and interaction is made possible with the ownership of a Neutral Zone Estate to be formed within local governments.
A neutral workforce and a fiduciary management system are required to serve (while maintaining) the many communities of infrastructure residing within the Neutral Zone. Neutral Zone Project provides those individuals (and organizations) that are committed to restoring the enhancement of our communities within THE GOVERNMENT (that reflect upon the THE GOVERNMENT’s Ecosystems) with the necessary infrastructure to successfully execute their Missions, Strategies, and Philosophies.
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