The 76 Sustainable Development Programs
Our infrastructure is designed to coordinate and host 76 sustainable development programs.
Programs comprised of:
The above said 76 sustainable development programs are driven by 300 Sustainable Development Zones located in 50 countries doing business as Synergy City in each region, directly oversaw by Intelligence Initiatives initiated under FRANTECH ASIA.
These Synergy Cities around the world form a decentralized network, providing the physical backbone of the Neutral Zone; but more than anything else, each Synergy City becomes the regional command and control center for our Enabler Forces and consortiums; busy with the restoration and enhancement of our local communities through 76 Sustainable Action programs.
Netural Zone Development Funds
  • The Peace Fund funds Global Homeland Security Projects
  • The Earth Fund funds Global Sustainable Development Projects
  • The Economic Development Fund - funds Global Trade Projects
  • The Guaranteed Global Infrastructure Fund - funds major infrastructures such as Teleports, Cargo Airports, Seaports, Processing Zones, and mass transport systems
The above stated funds receive their billions of dollars in annual funding from global commerce transactions executed on the Neutral Zone’s 50-country, 300 region commercial infrastructure.
See VTN Network