Merger City – The Neutral Zone Hub
Merger City is the capital of the Neutral Zone and is both physical and virtual. The physical location of Merger City will be made known as soon as the hardened bunkers that will house the Neutral Zones Functional Hubs are constructed and commissioned.
These Functional Hubs provide the uniform functionality and services required worldwide by the Neutral Zone’s more than 2,700 Value Trust Networks. The main reason for the construction of a new city called Merger City stems from the problems caused by the heritage associated with every other city in the world.
Every city has a history and is biased to what they perceive is reality. Simply stated! There are no places on earth that are truly neutral except the oceans and space (both environments are unfriendly). These locations are not suitable for mass events of coordination to restore and enhance our communities; hence the Intelligence has determined that we need this neutral ground now more than ever, and Merger City augments this neutral ground.
This neutral platform also serves as a Command and Control Center (CCC) to synchronize 76 uniform Sustainable Development Action programs. These programs are driven regionally by 300 Synergy Cities.
Merger City’s physical infrastructure is comprised of:
  1. Ecclesiastical State Corridor
  2. Content Corridor
  3. Light Industry Corridor
  4. Embassy Corridor
  5. Mass Transit System
  6. Neutral Convention and Event Village
  7. A Synergy City Planned Community
  8. A Resort Corridor
  9. International Airport
  10. Utility Corridor
  11. Universal Marketplace
  12. SWOT Campus
  13. N.I.P. Complex
  14. . Zone 7 (A corridor hosting infrastructure serving all the religions of the world)
  15. Research and Development Corridor
  16. Education Corridor
More can be briefed through intelligence about the functionality of Merger City, but what is more important is what it provides to the community of life in the form of:
  • Organizational Infrastructure
  • MCSE100 Infrastructure
  • Governance Infrastructure
  • Competency and Capacity Infrastructure
Merger City is integrated with state of the art infrastructure. This infrastructure is solely focused on providing a platform for the global public sector, economic sector, and civil society members to collaborate.
See Organizational Structure