VTN - The Ultimate Network
A basic VTN is a physical and virtual Value Trust Network. This Virtual Value Trust Network weaves enterprises, marketplaces, industries and individuals together into empowered and productive work groups. These work groups are real-time and digitally enabled teams that are capable of acting (and reacting) to all the communities Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
These Value Trust Networks will be the business platforms of the twenty-first century. These business platforms are used at the intelligence briefings of FRANTECH ASIA to ensure the Causality Consortium's creation of a systemic development funding, knowledge transfer, and collaboration of all parties. These parties are structured between the Civil, Economic and Public Sector residence of every community worldwide.
These Value Trust Networks further enable communities to solve their biggest problem--DISCONNECT. Most of individuals are self-centered and are fully aware of their current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that pertain to their own area of influence. Beyond this personal area of influence these individuals have always been disconnected to the real condition of their communities and the ecosystems that we all depend on.
Value Trust Networks enable communities to unite in acting and reacting to opportunities/threats. These networks further mobilize and coordinate community led development projects with campaign strategies.
Projects and campaigns normally focused on global trade, homeland security, and sustainable development. Every Tri-Sector VTN connects estate owners to local and global levels of identification.
VTN’S are designed to be the virtual nervous network of the Neutral Zone and thus require a brief overview. Network since approximately 2,700 interdependent VTN networks are transforming the Neutral Zone into the next generation infrastructure provider; guided by strategic Intelligence Initiatives derived from our Subject Mission Code objectives.
The “V” in VTN stands for VALUE. Value delivered in both digital and physical blended format.
2 Digital value delivery comes in the form of new digital technology that serves to leverage the network advantages of the internet such as:
Global Trading capabilities
Mass personalization and customization
Global knowledge exchanges
Seamless global on-line communities
Collaborative workflow
Industry-specific (vertical) marketplaces
Horizontal marketplaces
Enterprise-to-enterprise connectivity
E-marketplace-to-e-marketplace connectivity
Physical Value Delivery is derived from:
Global logistics
Freight forwarding
Inspection Services
Sustainable Development Zones
Foreign Trade Zones
Processing Zones
MCSE100 Functional Hubs
The “T” in VTN equals TRUST. Trust derived through:
Delivery terms
Collaborative capabilities
After-sale support
Open information sharing within and among vertical marketplaces
Must support local and international laws
Owner to owner loyalty
The “N” in VTN equals Network.
Every City will have 9 VTNs that are seamlessly connected into one CVTN (City Value Trust Network).
Every CVTN in turn connects to a regional Synergy City.
2,700 interdependent VTN networks are Transforming the Neutral zone into the Next generation Infrastructure Provider; guided by Strategic intelligence initiatives.
The Architects of the Neutral Zone Have Designed the Neutral Zone Governance Structure That Can Stand the Test of Time. The “Build To Last” Structure Has A Second Mandate, To Transform the Neutral Zone's Governance Infrastructure Into a Visionary Organizational Infrastructure.
See Neutral Zone Merger City