Bringing Nations Together
Neutral Zone Vision
The vision of Neutral Zone is to help bring about the 'Next Civilization'. A civilization built on fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society. But most of all to provide communities with infrastructure that enables phenomenal discoveries, extraordinary security and un-parallel prosperity.
Neutral Zone Mission
The Mission of Neutral Zone Project is to develop an integrated neutral infrastructure, constructed to host a new Civilization! The Neutral Zone has three prime objectives that are based on cause and effect structure which are meant to bridge the gap between disconnected sectors of the society.
Facilitate Restoration and Enhancement of Local Communities
To provide local communities with NEUTRAL Infrastructure for the RESTORATION and ENHANCEMENT of our deteriorating communities and ecosystems on which we depend for our wellbeing.
Create A Sustainable System For Development
A CAUSE that will have as EFFECT local communities with smart Neutral infrastructure that CAUSE the systemic generation of development funding. Knowledge transfer will be fueled by next generation world trade. That has the EFFECT of Tri-Sector campaigns to educate, mobilize, and coordinate community led Development programs.
Bring Collaboration of Society Sectors To End Disparity
Programs which CAUSE the empowerment of local people to be engaged in negotiating, influencing, controlling and holding accountable institutions. These engagements must be ones that affect their lives, ensure the taking of ownership on their own security, quality of life, and inevitably prosperity.
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