Neutral Zone Organization
Neutral Zone Organizational Structure
The Neutral Zone has the advantage of deploying its infrastructure without any heritage. This is mission critical because no old organizational infrastructure or ingrained self-serving groups have to be accommodated in structuring the organizational infrastructure of the Neutral Zone.
This might not sound like much of a benefit but it is a tremendous opportunity to build organizational structures that can last to serve many generations of beneficiaries (in a non-biased way). This is accomplished systemically rather than through charismatic leaders.
The core organizational infrastructure of the Neutral Zone is comprised of five categories of anchor organizations and the categories are as follows:
Group One: Neutral Anchor Organizations
  1. Neutral Trade Organization: - Economic Sector Anchor
  2. United Sovereigns: - Public Sector Anchor
  3. Neutral Zone Federation: - Civil Society Anchor
  4. Causality Consortium: - Enabler Society Anchor
  5. MCSE Alliance: - Functional Holding Company Network Anchor
Group Two: Non-Profit Consortiums
Group Three: For-Profit Consortiums
Group Four: Support Services Groups
Group Five: 100 Anchor Associations
The Neutral Zone is built to last and serve many generations of beneficiaries; therefore the Mission requires a governance structure that can stand the test of time. The organizational structure must not be based on charismatic leaders but a permanent global governance structure; within which regional charismatic leaders can prosper during their economic lifetime.
The architects of the Neutral Zone were tasked by the central planning commission to design a Neutral Zone governance structure that could stand the test of time. The “Build to last” instructions came with a second mandate, a mandate to transform the Neutral Zone’s governance infrastructure into a Visionary Organizational infrastructure.
The moon landing was one giant leap for mankind. Mankind is about to do it again with its next extraordinary mission the formation of the Neutral Zone Project.
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