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FranTech Licensed Technology/ Product Line-up:
FranTech International Licensing has a Global Offering of Licensed Technologies for e-government and e-business solutions including Long Standing Strategic Alliances with supporting Technology Services Companies and our combined offering is that of World Class Aggregate and Turn-Key IT and Telecom Offerings and High Tech Products.
FranTech Asia’s Strategic Alliances, more than 600 business and technology development partners with their combined offerings and solutions, constitute a worldwide e-biz infrastructure “franchise offering system”, with visionary scope, and a global scalability that is second to none. With FranTech's mission to accelerate the worldwide progress you will find many revolutionary technologies and businesses in our technology directory section.
As an innovator or as an organization dedicated to technology development in any industry or sector you can take your technology worldwide with FranTech's Technology licensing and marketing services. And as a business entity seeking a technological edge over your competition you can explore the best of the technologies across every industry sector.
The list of products and services that FranTech International Licensing is authorized to sell is extremely remarkable and is continually increasing. The technology categories at FranTech range from aerospace to construction and infrastructure, from banking to health and medical and from wireless to satellite and digital technologies.
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